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The Music Man

When I was a kid, I loved musical theater. Before the evening performances of their annual spring musical, the local high school would visit our elementary school and do a selection of scenes for us. I remember sitting on the floor of our school cafeteria, watching teenagers sing and dance along to songs from "Guys and Dolls," and feeling this tremendous joy. One day, my best friend called me up and said she and her sister were going down to the town hall to audition for the community play, and would I be interested in joining them? With no hesitation, I agreed, then dressed myself in what sweet, 1990s baby me decided was the perfect outfit for showing off my dynamic and glowing personality (a bit of sarcasm - I was quiet and shy, in the first stages of teenage puberty awkwardness). In a jean skirt with a matching denim hat adorned with a big pink fake flower à la "Blossom," I marched up to the town hall stage, ready to own it. The show they were planning to do was