My son turned ten earlier this month, which is absolutely confounding to me. The days were long but the years were short, as they say, and I can't believe what an incredible young man he is becoming. 

We celebrated by going to Disneyland for a few days, and it was a tremendously fun visit. We walked A TON - even more steps than our last visit a couple of years ago, which I am sure had to do with me being 40 pounds lighter than I was the last time we were at the parks. And overall...

Of course I needed a celebration button! My son wore his birthday one and I wore mine and we both just beamed with pride all around the parks.

I was a little worried about eating (and hydration) at the parks, which are not known for their healthful food choices! So I did my research ahead of time and found which spots had kids meals that were high in protein. I brought some 90 calorie protein bars also for emergencies and a water bottle to refill all day (I also got diet lemonade a couple of times over the trip). And I didn't sweat the treats I wanted - I was able to have a bite of this and a lick of that without getting sick - because I made sure to listen to my body and stick with what felt safe and satisfying. My son and husband were very happy to help me by eating their share!

At my weigh in a few days after we got home, I hit the 60 pounds down milestone. 


It's unbelievable to me, first to be seeing loss numbers like this for the first time in forever, but also to be making consistent progress and be making it so quickly. I am so, so glad I got the surgery and I am really loving the results so far - not just in the numbers on the scale but in how much more active I can be, how much easier some things are becoming, how much energy I have - and how good I feel about myself overall.


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