Sunday update

There's not much new to share this week - the scale didn't budge an ounce from last week, which makes sense because I'm about to start my period and I tend to have a maintain or small gain week before a big loss. So I am optimistic about things catching up next week.

I know I did well this past week. My pants are getting baggier, and I had to order smaller bras. (Why is it always the bras first?!) I'm consistently hitting and even passing my step goals, and I've been sleeping a little better also.

Still, I'm tired, in a life sense. It's been a heavy start to 2022 and I'm just counting the days until Spring Break. This week my students have a chapter exam and then their oral midterm assignments, and then we're off for a week. Spring semester is tough because no one in my family has vacation time at the same time, so there won't be any little trips anywhere. But it is still nice to look forward to a few days of a brain break from teaching, commuting, and all the usual routine.

I ordered a couple of dresses from Old Navy since they were having a sale, and I hope they work well for our Fiji trip. They're lovely, flowy, flowery, and joyful - exactly the mood I am looking forward to. Only 117 days until we leave, because of course, I'm counting.


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