Interview with my son

To work on his typing skills, I set up a blog for my son. He's been writing in it faithfully every day, which is sweet and special and I love to see his creativity in his stories. Last night, he decided to interview me - talk about a gushing sweet Mama moment! I told him I would interview him on my site as well. Without further ado - Noah!

What is your favorite meal that I make?

Probably your homemade pizza, and your baked macaroni and cheese. I like them because they are generally comfort meals, and comfort meals make me happy, especially those two.

What special meal do you like to request for dinner on your birthday?

I like your lasagna. It has spinach and cheese, cheese, and more cheese! I don't like meat in my lasagna.

What is your favorite food from a restaurant?

Angel hair with alfredo from Olive Garden, broccoli mac and cheese from Panera, and all plain cheese pizza in general.

If you could only eat one fruit forever, what would it be?

Strawberries! (he said with zero hesitation!)

If you could have dinner with anyone, past or present or future, who would you eat with - and what would you serve?

I would probably eat with Theodore Roosevelt because he's my hero. He was a conservationist and a president of the United States who wanted to protect nature. For dinner, we would eat products from nature, things like hearts of palm pasta lasagna with spinach and coconut milk to drink.

Silly last question! Which Golden Girl are you most like?

Hmm! Could I have two? Sophia and Dorothy, because like Dorothy I'm always critical of things, and like Sophia (and all of the girls!) I really love cheesecake!


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