Forward motion

Back on track this week and it feels so, so good - it's an exceptionally big moment of pride too, because I was on Spring Break this past week, so I didn't have my usual routines, but I *still* managed to lose all of last week's regain plus some more. I biked a few times, went for a few walks, and made sure I made good food choices.

This week I'm back on campus, and I'm hoping the return to routine will help me get a second good week in a row. 

I've got a few interesting recipes lined up that I'm excited to try this week, too, so that's motivational also!

Looking at my graph from the last five or so months, it's good to see a pattern. There are always ups, but there are more downs, and the overall trend is downward. I persist, and that's what matters - not being successful all the time, but never giving up when the going gets tough.


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