How to eat an elephant

Well, as I anticipated, after a big loss last week, I was up a little today. It was a tough week - my son was on February break from school and having little changes in the schedule can be tough for me. I'm very ready to get back to our normal routine starting today!

I think part of what caused some struggle this past week was just me getting in my own head. I'm so, so, so excited about going to Fiji - ordering a language phrasebook and some Fijian dollars, doing research on day trips and activities, making lists of clothes to think about getting ... and the clothes are tough, because I know in a few months, with some good solid effort, I could be a different size than I am today. The clothes I wore to Disneyland about two months ago are already loose! So it's tough to order things in advance - first, in case I buy them too big and they don't fit - and second, in case I buy them too small and they don't fit.

I don't want to get in my way with an unrealistic goal - that always gets me off track. I get obsessed with the results, start weighing myself every day, start fixating and overdoing everything. And of course, that backfires spectacularly. So for me, what works is just focusing on one day, one meal, one minute.

There's an old Weight Watcher saying, I heard it passed around a lot in my old days of weight loss blogging: how do you eat an elephant? The punchline being, of course, the simplest approach: one bite at a time. Every massive undertaking starts with a single step, or a single bite. My challenges are to not be overwhelmed by the enormity of the elephant, and to not become obsessed with finishing it by a certain day or deadline. Just one bite at a time, and it's an easily digestible task.


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