Bali Ha'i

This past week was really excellent. I had a great weigh-in this morning, and I knew I would - blue dots all week, consistently good choices, and lots of activity. I started with my Fitbit a few months ago and just wore it a few days to see how much I was moving (unsurprisingly, it wasn't much). So I set my daily goal for steps around 3500. Since then I've increased it by 500 or so multiple times, as I find myself making the goals more often. Now my goal is 6000, and I pass it most days. It feels so, so good to be regularly active.

Winter is the easiest time to be active here in central California. Summer is intensely hot, and even though it's a nice dry heat, it's still far more pleasant right now - what we called jacket weather on the East Coast. Chilly overnight, cool mornings, warm afternoons - it's absolutely perfect.

Another big part of last week: my sister turned 31, and I told her for a gift, I wanted to take her on a special vacation somewhere - her choice. We used to live together in Chicago and we would always go on little excursions to the old movie theater, to museums, to all kinds of events and places. I miss her so much all the time, and I miss adventuring with her. She came out to visit in December - her first trip out here to California -  and just as Mom and I suspected, it planted a bit of a travel bug in her.

The next day, she texted me:


And yes, absolutely, zero hesitation, one hundred percent yes. I am entirely on board and so, so excited at even the idea of a secluded island in the South Pacific - crystal clear water for swimming, snorkeling, exploring the blue lagoons... it sounds like absolute paradise. 

So that's another motivator for me to keep making choices consistent with my goals: comfort on an 11-hour flight, confidence in my body for the beaches, and definitely - being able to indulge in the island cuisine without feeling food guilt.


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